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Experience the Pacific Northwest

Explore the Great Outdoors

Mt. Hood view from hiking trail accessed near Portland Oregon

To really know Oregon, you have to get out and experience it. This is why Oregon is one of the best places in the world for outdoor adventure. Escape from the hustle and bustle in Oregon's beautiful forests, beaches, and inland deserts. It's easy to take the train to a place where you can enjoy world-class golfing, cycling, kayaking, skiing, rafting, windsurfing, hiking, or just about anything else outdoorsy.

There isn't just one single amazing thing about Oregon. There are millions. Start planning and figure out what to put on your must-do list. Oregon has high desert country to the east, balmy coast to the west, and mountains, rivers and forests in between. Not to mention many great towns on your must-see list. You’ve got a lot of ground to cover, and Amtrak Cascades can take you there! Make Tracks. Make Memories!

Culture & History

Black jazz performer plays the saxophone on the stage with spotlights.

Oregon is a place for dreamers and explorers, a place with a unique voice, a sense of humor, and a drive to do things differently. It’s a place of authenticity, of intimacy, of stories, where dreams are still a real possibility. Some people call us "quirky" or "weird" - we call it our own sense of style and appreciation of life. Our little haven in the Pacific Northwest is a place where Indigenous people have lived since time immemorial, displaced by white settlers who arrived via the Oregon Trail. It’s a place where bold women and men built pioneer communities — many of which are still thriving today. Along came Oregon statehood in 1859 and a long line of leaders over the next century who took bold action to make Oregon one of the cleanest, most sustainably minded states in the nation, enacting protections on public spaces for all. Come explore and share the culture of Oregon.

For the Foodies

Two chefs standing behind a counter ready to serve foodies that have arrived from an Amtrak train.

In Oregon, we are a community of experimenters, artists, and free-thinkers, where cultural and culinary influences from around the globe have converged to mingle and blend, and where food is an essential part of the travel experience. Endless combinations of every world cuisine are here for you to sample and explore, whether it’s in the back of a Mercado, off of one of our world-renowned food carts, or under the reclaimed wood ceiling of a rustic white linen restaurant. In Oregon, our cuisine is anything but ordinary.

Our backyard is filled with Willamette hops, pinot noir grapes, dungeness crab, king salmon, Willapa Bay oysters, famous cheeses, endless grass-fed beef, Gravenstein apples, pears, hood strawberries, hazelnuts, and of course the greatest marionberries. It’s all about the ingredients, and Oregon definitely has them.

Taste the best of Oregon. Whether you're an Epicurean connoisseur dining on the town in Portland or a looking for that hidden gem of a restaurant in one of the state's more rural communities, Oregon has a lot to offer. Take Amtrak Cascades and one of these hidden gems will most likely be a short walk from the station.

Experiencing Oregon by Rail

Happy multiracial friends walking in Portland, Oregon - Friendship concept with multicultural young people on winter clothes having fun together

At the end of the Oregon Trail, every town has a unique history and character. For urbanists, historians, explorers, and nerds of all sorts, there's always something to find by rail in Oregon.

Oregon is home to countless amazing places to explore. You can spend months exploring the country's ninth-largest state, but if you don't have that kind of time, you can cut it down to a day trip, a weekend, or a longer vacation. Whether it’s hiking under waterfalls, exploring the rolling hills of wine country, visiting some of the Beaver State’s most cherished natural wonders, or experiencing the food, sounds, shops, and culture of our cities and towns, Amtrak Cascades is there to be part of your unforgettable travel experience.