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Oregon is even better by trainAvoid the rising cost of gas and traffic congestion.

First published 28 March 2022

Ditch the car. Enjoy the view!

Did you know?

  • The amount of time Americans waste each year due to traffic congestion on roads is 8.8 billion hours.

  • Extra fuel burned annually crawling in traffic annually is 3.3 billion gallons.

  • The annual cost of congestion and environment impact to the US due to traffic is $166 billion.

Whether traveling for a day trip, weekend getaway, extended vacation, or even for business, Amtrak Cascades makes an enjoyable, memorable trip. And now, with increasing fuel costs and road congestion, there’s more reason than ever to leave the car at home and take the train instead.

Many travelers are sentimental about riding the train, and for good reason. Rail travel simply offers a more relaxing, friendly and pleasant travel experience. Our passengers are seated in comfort (hello! legroom), have space and freedom to walk about the train and get views of the spectacular Pacific Northwest that simply can’t be seen from a car or plane.

Compare the train experience with hours of sitting in traffic, or an airport security line, and our frequent riders will tell you—there is no comparison. Amtrak Cascades stations are mostly uncrowded and easy to navigate. Extra baggage? No problem. Pets? You can bring them. Cyclists can even haul their bikes.

Amtrak Cascades is a true Northwest experience

People tell us they love our friendly conductors: they’re ready to help you board, find your seat, handle baggage, answer questions or share their favorite local spots along the route.

Our bistro car features unique Northwest culinary treats, rotating seasonally. Passenger cars have in-seat power outlets to keep your mobile devices charged and ready. And free Wi-Fi throughout the train keeps you connected all the way to your destination.

Once you’re on board, you can recline back and let your stress go. Plug in your headphones and sleep, or get up and walk around the train. Order a glass of pinot. Meet a fellow passenger. Guess “what’s that mountain?” out the window. Play a game of Crazy 8s with the kids. Clear out your email inbox. Write the next chapter of your novel.

Whatever you like to do on the train, one thing is for sure: you will arrive fresh and ready to enjoy your destination. We think riding Amtrak Cascades is a wonderful part of any memorable Oregon adventure. Once you try it, you may feel sentimental about train travel too!

Discounts? Yes! Fees? Not so much

Taking the train means you won’t have to pay for gas or parking. And unlike the airlines, Amtrak Cascades won’t charge you for every little thing, especially baggage.

Take up to two carry-ons and two checked bags free. (Fees may apply for boarding pets or bikes, but less than airlines typically charge.)

What’s more, we offer everyday discounts for many of our passengers. Kids aged 2-12 can ride half-price with an adult, and infants under age 2 ride free. Students, seniors and military members also get standing discounts.

Learn more about our discounted fares here.

City-to-city service gets you where you want to go

Amtrak Cascades connects the most populated corridor of Oregon and Washington, stopping in major cities and small towns along I-5. For points beyond, we offer easy (and plush!) bus connections west to the Oregon coast, east to Bend, and more. See our schedule for connecting services.

More and more, we are partnering with local car-share and bike-share services, many of which are available now at our stations. It might just make you forget about your car. Not sure what’s available? Check out our station information pages, or ask any of our staff.


Hey, it’s Bigfoot! With a smaller carbon footprint

If you see Bigfoot out our windows, tell him to get on board. Because it is a fact: train travel produces less harmful pollutants and consumes less energy than cars or planes.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, train travel is almost 14 percent more efficient than domestic airline travel and 31 percent more efficient than car travel on a per passenger basis.

Hopping on Amtrak Cascades instead of driving not only saves gas cost and emissions, it also reduces the daily wear and tear on your car.

The Oregon Department of Transportation estimates that rough roads cost Oregon drivers an estimated $380 a year in extra maintenance to their vehicles. Who needs more bills?

Perhaps just as important, taking the train is one action we can all take to reduce road congestion. It’s about more than just avoiding the aggravation, stress and wasted time: traffic jams contribute a lot more vehicular emissions and pollutants to the air. We can all breathe easier if we get out of our cars and take the train instead. <br/><br/>

Make Tracks. Make Memories.

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