Ride Safe


  • Masks are suggested for those not vaccinated during the entire trip.
  • COVID-19 proof of vaccination is required to cross the US-Canadian border.
  • On-board air filtration systems are designed to cycle fresh air and prevent contamination.

Safety tips

  • Follow all conductor and station staff instructions.
  • Do not step into the trackway except at designated crossing points and only after checking carefully for oncoming trains.
  • Be aware of the gap between the platform and train doors. Ask Amtrak staff for assistance boarding and alighting from the train if you need it.
  • Use the available hand-holds when walking through the train, especially as you cross between railcars.
  • Amtrak Cascades employs automatic braking and speed limitations to prevent human error.

Personal and environmental health

  • According the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, every hour of driving leads to a 20-minute loss in life expectancy.
  • About 80 people die in car accidents on US roads every single day. On a per-mile basis, riding on a train is one of the safest ways to travel.
  • Taking a train instead of a car for medium-length distances would cut your emissions by ~80%.
  • Using a train instead of a domestic flight would reduce your emissions by ~84%.