On-board bike racks

Ten bike racks are available on each Amtrak Cascades train. Bike racks are very popular and reservations are required. The cost for reserving space in the bike rack is $5.00.

Folding bikes that are carry-on luggage don’t require a bike rack reservation, but the bikes must be folded before boarding.

Checked boxed bikes

Bicycle racks will not accommodate tandem, recumbent or other unusual bikes. If your bike doesn't fit in the on-board bike racks or there is no more available space, it must be transported in a bike box.

Boxed bicycles do not require a reservation and can be checked as baggage. There is a $10 handling fee for checking a boxed bike. Not all stations have checked baggage service, and baggage service may not be available every day.

Bicycle boxes are available for purchase for $15 at staffed Amtrak stations that have checked baggage service. Bicycles usually must be partially disassembled. For details regarding boxing your bicycle, on general information bringing bicycles onboard, please visit Amtrak's policy page.